Why your website actually matters.

Written by Steve Kouchis on September 1, 2019

Being that Social media is so prominent, it’s easy to assume that you might not need a website anymore. As a PDR business owner, you might be thinking there’s no reason for a website today, and it’s better to put all your eggs into your social media basket.

OR possibly you don’t feel the need to have a professional website and the “instant site” that you got when you purchased your domain should be fine.

However, there are still many reasons why having a responsive, professional website is a must in 2020.

1) A professional, sleek website gives you instant authority, and helps you to establish trust with your customers before they ever work with you. Not saying you need to have the best website out there, but I’ll tell you one thing… If someone is going to be trusting you with their car, they want to see that you mean business. A clean webpage shows that you are an expert, and you’re not going anywhere. While social media comes and goes, your website connects it all, and should remain the focal point of all your marketing.

2) Your website is going to make or break your rankings for local SEO terms. When customers search “dent repair + city” or “hail repair near me,” you want to show up first. Without a responsive website and consistent business listings, you will be missing out on a lot of phone calls.

3) Your website is much more cost effective than printed materials. If you can drive traffic to your webpage, that will pay dividends for years.

4) A website truly is your central hub of all your marketing efforts. Everything you do (Adwords, Facebook, SEO)- it all connects back to your website. So make it a good one!

5) Consumers expect it. Studies show that about ¾ of all consumers will check a company’s website before purchasing a product or service. As well, this is especially important for an industry like dent or hail repair because consumers are trusting you with their vehicle.

6) Websites are the cornerstone of your brand. Without a clean professional website, building a brand around your company is near impossible. Additionally, customers that find you through other means (social media) will trust your business more when they can link back to your webpage.

7) Websites offer more options for customer service. You will be able to serve your customers much better when they have somewhere to go for answers. A completed FAQ section for example, can help educate your customers so they are more ready to buy. In addition to this, you can also reduce the amount of inbound calls if customers can get all the necessary info right from your site.

8) And if all that didn’t convince you, then consider this… The leaders in the PDR game that are crushing hail season and stealing your business - they have a website. So go out and get one so you can start dominating your local market!

If you don’t know where to start, reach out and have a quick chat with us. We build beautiful, responsive websites in under a week, and most of our clients are seeing an increase in traffic and business within the first month just from improving their website’s look and functionality.

Steve Kouchis

Steve Kouchis is the President of PushMoreDents.com. He and his team are experts in scaling PDR businesses to dominate hail season and maximize profits.

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